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Why We Should Buy Music In FLAC

There is a discussion started today in Slashdot about using FLAC as music distribution format (instead of the currently widely used lossy formats, e.g. mp3). Here is my comment I submitted there:
I could understand some price differences in offering different qualities on a carrier (e.g. CD vs. DVD-A). But I definitely can not understand why I don't have the opportunity to buy the highest available quality.
Studio recordings are done in 24bit/192kHz and not in 16bit/44kHz. The difference is as audible as it is between mp3 (even at 320kbit/s) and 16bit/44kHz (CD quality) when you have equipment used to be called audiophile but easily available nowadays.
As long as 24bit/96kHz recordings are offered for $80 per album (see SACD and DVD-A prices), I will refuse to buy them. And I am not sure that this is the goal of the music industry. It is just that greed and stupidity run hand by hand.
Unfortunately the discussion about higher quality recordings is far from getting relevance, as we know that the most successful online music store price a song at $1. (On top of that they put also some restrictions on how you should use it.) At this price you could get a CD with CD-quality sound, carrier and a booklet. Still, this music store is so successful that the music stores almost disappeared from the streets.

Written by betso on 03/13/2011, 12:00am in"Technology"

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