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Why not WP?

The ubiquitous use of WordPress nowadays makes it mandatory for consideration when one starts a new blog. And there are good reasons to choose WP among all the alternatives: it is open-sourced(!); it has the largest community, so support is not an issue; the zillions of plugins and themes allow making almost everything out of it; Matt Mullenweg (founding developer of WordPress) is a nice guy and has one of the coolest domains for his website: :)...

But (yes, there is a "but"): it is slow!
Whatever all the supporters and the cheerleaders of WP say, this is my experience in using it now for several years on multiple instances. The more plugins installed, the slower it gets and this is well described and accepted. However, even without plugins, I feel always like it is damn slow... slower than I expect it to be, at least.

I want to write down some unimportant things and share thoughts with friends. Nothing more!
Running a database backend and installing software > 15MB sounded to me always like an overkill for this purpose. Also, I wanted to get some advantage by the fact that I have some (vague) clue about PHP and Unix-like Operating Systems. In fact, together with a friend of mine (crib), I developed in the past a CMS called minb. It was very buggy and the never sleeping geeks easily broke into it. Neither crib nor me had the time to continue developing it and the project is basically not active for years now. Still, I like the name and am using it here even though the system running this website has nothing else in common with the original minb project.

Searching for a simple blogging system, I remembered PolkaDot - a project I stumbled upon some years ago. This is my favorite one of everything out there. PolkaDot is a (almost) one-file-engine and the simplicity of the code is contagious. It actually is a front-end for text files stored in different directories (serving as categories). There is no database backend, no admin panels, just making use of the file system. Great!
I tried it and had to admit that I miss the web-based opportunity to create/edit postings/articles. This is why I decided to keep the concept of using the file system for everything needed and just extended it by a simple login system using elRTE as a WYSIWYG editor and elFinder as file manager. I implemented comments and kept it as a one-file system.

This is what you see here: minb-0 the zero calories and fat-free CMS! :)

Written by betso on 03/03/2011, 12:00am in"Technology"

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