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Guns kill!

Bumper-sticker slogan of the supporters of the National Rifle Association (NRA) is "Guns don't kill people, people kill people."
Let's put aside the fact that the NRA is a conglomerate of the stupidity and rusticity elite of the USA. I was always surprised how can one present himself as a "big" guy just because he owns guns and shoots with them. How cunty it is to pull a trigger and claim masculinity out of it?! Most of those pussies are too weak to go for a real fight... the one with the fists.

This is a report about a girl who died because it was accidentally shot. In the last year this is the third kid in South Carolina donating its organs because people have an unjustified easy access to guns. Only in about every second case (of all possible ones) organs are donated. The possible donors are only the ones shot in the head, not calculating the chest (heart, lungs) injuries which are incompatible with life. This makes the real number of the killed innocent kids at least twice as much. And South Carolina has less population than Brooklyn and Queens in New York.
New York is civilized and South Carolina is not. You might have a problem with this statement but it wouldn't change on the facts. If every year 12 kids would be accidentally shot in New York, the people would occupy not only Wall St. But the South Carolinians claim to live in a friendly and peaceful environment pointing at New York as being the opposite. Most of them are really friendly and nice people. Yet, the strongest values in the South are guns and churches.

Yesterday morning I was driving behind a bigger car which had the following three stickers on the back: "Shoot the bastard!", "Some people are alive just because it is illegal to kill them.", and "If you want to know what is death, try messing with this truck.". I am sure the jerk felt very powerful bumping the stickers on the ass of his car (he'd prefer to call it truck). Or maybe guns are really the mental penile prosthesis...

You might get the impression that I am furious. And you are right!
Yesterday I was told about the death of this innocent girl by the mom of her best friend which I know and like very much. And then I thought about the kids who were forced to donate their organs in the last year in this part of the Earth. These creatures were innocent. Their innocence is more important than any right of any fucking bastard seeking to replace his pussy with a real dick.

Rest in peace, Allison! Your parents might find rest in "talking to" and relying on "Lord" but you are just another victim of the fact that people don't see a simple thing. That the guns kill!

Written by betso on 10/28/2011, 12:00am in"Politics"

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