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Bamboo capitalism

The lead article in the last "The Economist" is about China's economy. While you read it, you might ask yourself if there are any original ideas by the Chinese Communist Party that sustained. We all know that the development of the (meanwhile second largest) world economy is done by exploiting workers. Paradoxically this is what communists used to recruit supporters in the past... worldwide.

The development of the Chinese Communist Party does not show any principle difference to the ones of the similar parties in the former Eastern Block. Making left and social oriented politics was a tough task for all of these parties once their leadership is not constitutionally pinned anymore. The new about the processes in China is that its Communist Party started stepping back from the original and official reasons for their existence even while no real opposition is threating its leading role.

When I read the article, I thought also about all these nostalgical debiles preaching the "good old times" in the old Eastern Block. These people are commonly refering to the Chinese success in the last decade as a proof of the concept. The final statement in the article is maybe the best answer to all these desparate demands: “Capitalism with Chinese characteristics” works because of the capitalism, not the characteristics.

Written by betso on 03/12/2011, 12:00am in"Politics"

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