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Woody Allen's font

Yesterday I saw "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" by Woody Allen and had to discuss two things with my wife:
1. Woody Allen uses always the same font for the credits in his movies.
2. In his recent movies he started presenting more a segment of a story than the whole one.

The Font
People thought about that before and I could find an interesting article about "Woody Allen’s typography". He uses almost always EF WINDSOR Elongated. I thought the font is so beautiful, I wanted to experiment with it here, on this website. Unfortunately @font-face with a font URL is a CSS3 thing that does not work always and I could not get it working here. It would be really funny to see a complete website done with a font like this.
What I did though was still changing the font. Now I have here a much more readable Serif instead of the former nicely looking but not that ergonomic Sans-Serif font.

Not that the telling of the story in not complete in his movies. It is just that you could start telling the story at almost any point and stop also at any time. It would be still just fine. I have never experienced those kind of story telling and it is amazing.
Written by betso on 03/17/2011, 12:00am in"Movies"

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