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Nicolas Cage is a great actor!

Most of my friends know that I didn't like Nicolas Cage. The reason is simple: he is nephew of Francis Ford Coppola and I had the legitimate impression that he was pushed (sometimes against his own will) into acting and especially into action roles where he really didn't fit well. He simply doesn't look like Bruce Willis or Jason Statham.
What he really looks like is the role I recently watched him in: "Adaptation.". I know the movie is 10 years old but I just had the chance to watch it.
Nicolas was challenged with a double role here. He played two brothers who are quite different but share a common profession: screenwriter. And while the role of the "normal" brother is not really the one Mr. Cage could shine in, the director (Spike Jonze) wisely focused on the other one. I feel sometimes, I am generally too critical in terms of acting performances and there are really not a lot of cases where the actor could catch me and touch my soul. Nicolas Cage did it in this movie. I don't think there is even one person on this planet who could have done this job better.
His performance was simply incredible and I finally join the majority of people thinking about him as a great actor.
Just don't show me your muscles anymore, Nicolas!

Written by betso on 06/26/2012, 12:00am in"Movies"

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